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This award was conceived by the Marine Corps League for the purpose of recognizing annually that person who has contributed the most to the United States of America and the United States Marine Corps.  Previous award winners include:    

Howard K. Smith                  
General Lewis W. Walt  
General Louis B. Wilson                      
Ed McMahon                    
Lee Marvin                         
H. Ross Perot                      
Bob Hope                           
Donald T. Regan            
Congressman John P. Murtha 
Congressman Gerald B. H. Solomon 
Senator Dirk Kempthorne              
Senator Charles S. Robb                               Senator Zell Miller                                    
 Gen Raymond G. Davis (MOH) 
 Col Harvey C. Barnum (MOH) 
 Congressman Jerry Lewis                                   MajGen Donald R. Gardner    
 Chairman Buck McKeon                         
 Robert Simmons (Former HASC Dir) 
 Senator Pat Roberts                                    
 Senator Jack Reed  
Col Nicole Mann (USMC & NASA Astronaut)
John Wayne
John W. Warner (SecNav)
Ambassador Kenneth Taylor (Canada)                     
Senator Dewey Bartlett
MajGen Walter A. Churchill
James H. Webb, Jr. (SecNav)         
Congressman David O’B. Martin     
Congressman C. W. “Bill” Young
Gen Al Gray
Senator Conrad Burns
James F. Jordan, Esq
Alfred Lerner
Senator James Warner (2d Award)
Gen Peter Pace
Maj Paul Hastings
Arnold Fisher
SgtMaj Carlton Kent          
Chairman Mac Thornberry
Senator Thomas R. Tillis
Congressman Rob Wittman
Senator James Inhofe

​The award is named after the landmark statue, Iron Mike, located at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.  The bronze rendering depicts a World War I vintage Marine figure familiar to millions who have served as Marines.


This award was conceived by the Marine Corps League for the purpose of recognizing annually a lady who has contributed substantially to the morale, welfare, and well-being of Marines and the United States Marine Corps. Previous award winners include:   ​

​Martha Raye
Esther Clark
Jeane J. Kilpatrick
Colonel Hazel Benn
Sally Ride
Major Robin Higgins
Congresswoman Beverly B. Byron
Linda Mundy
Katie K. Dixon
Diane J. Jones
Karen Guenther
Brenda Nyland
Senator Kay Hagan
Cathy Lanier
Congresswoman Susan Davis
Ellyn Dunford
Doctor Betty Moseley Brown
Elizabeth King
Marjorie Merriweather Post
Kate Smith
Sister Veronica
Rear Admiral (Amazing) Grace Hopper
Lucy Caldwell
Susan Braaten
Betty Cooper
Zandra Meyers Krulak
Clara J. Miller
Rita McMichael
Carol Sefton
Linn Ezell
Shannon Maxwell
Debbie Paxton
Congresswoman Niki Tsongas
Senator Mazie K. Hirono
Senator Tammy Duckworth

This award is named to honor the memory of the late Dickey Chapelle, an American foreign correspondent who was killed while covering the actions of Marine infantrymen engaged in combat operations against enemy forces during the Vietnam War.  



  • SgtMaj Wilbur Bestwick Award (Ground Combat Element Marine of the Year)
    • 2016 – SSgt Jason K. Krumrie
    • 2017 – GySgt Joseph Lowery
    • 2018 – Sgt Robert A. Dewitt
    • 2019 – SSgt Nicholas E. Carney
    • 2020 – GySgt Michael Watts
    • 2021 – GySgt Josue Coloma
    • 2022 – Sgt Ethan Sutherland
    • 2023 – GySgt Jack Hausmann
  • Gysgt Carlos N. Hathcock Award (Marksmanship Instructor of the Year)
    • 2016 – Sgt Joshua K. Sherman
    • 2017 – Sgt Narendra Sookdeo
    • 2018 – Sgt Kailub S. Young
    • 2019 – SSgt Stephen T. Ferguson
    • 2020 – GySgt Nathaniel Baker
    • 2021 – GySgt Andrew Hoppe
    • 2022 – Sgt Benjamin L. Morrow
    • 2023 – SSgt Caleb Neff
  • Sgt Harry D. Myers Award (Logistics Combat Element Marine of the Year)
    • 2016 – SSgt Ekhart Kohkemper
    • 2018 – Sgt Loggan G. Barley
    • 2019 – Cpl Richard Coronelnelson
    • 2020 – SSgt Kayla Erianne
    • 2021 – Sgt Luis Bocanegra
    • 2022 – Sgt Gustavo A. Felixgomez
    • 2023 – Sgt Michael Garcia
  • SgtMaj Frederick B. Douglass Award (Aviation Combat Element Marine of the Year)
    • 2016 – GySgt Samuel Martinez
    • 2017 – Sgt Rafael Almodovarsanabria
    • 2018 – SSgt Jamie L. Murray
    • 2019 – SSgt Esmerada Ramirez
    • 2020 – Sgt Dakota Newbolds
    • 2021 – SSgt Bradley Watkins
    • 2022 – GySgt Michael A. Creamer Jr.
    • 2023 – Sgt Andre Doss
  • HMC George William “Doc” Piercy Award (Corpsman of the Year)
    • 2016 – HM2 Dave P. Dominguez
    • 2017 – HM1 Brett A. Boland
    • 2018 – HM1 John E Cantu
    • 2019 – HM2 Daniel Matheney
    • 2020 – HM1 Michael Bryson
    • 2021 – HM1 Steven J. McKinley II
    • 2022 – HM1 Timothy L. Moore
    • 2023 – HM1 Raymonddave Soriano
  • Marine Corps Reservist of the Year
    • 2016 – GSgt Garrett A. Czesak
    • 2017 – SSgt Edward Cucina
    • 2018 – SSgt Julio Pinto
    • 2020 – SSgt Devin Birk
    • 2021 – SSgt Christopher Sutton
    • 2022 – GySgt Sean R. Lesson
    • 2023 – GySgt Daniel Porter

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